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StandUp Nomad extra wide

$449 $499

Its larger desktop size makes it ideal for your creative and happy workspace.

Height ranges: 36.5 – 48 inch
Desktop size: 21.5 x 31.5 inch

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StandUp Nomad

$399 $449

The compact desktop size allows you to take it with you: perfect for daily home activities.

Height ranges: 36.5 – 48 inch
Desktop size: 20 x 25.5 inch

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My First StandUp

$299 $349

This cute desk is your kids’ buddy for play or homework.

Height ranges: From 27" to 35"
Desktop size: 18" x 23"

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Varier® Move Stool


Don't just sit there, Move!
Truly intuitive, the Move has a rounded base, for tilting in smooth, gentle movements.

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StandOn Anti Fatigue Mat

$99 $199

This durable floor mat is perfect for long hours of standing at your standing desk or kitchen sink

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