Standing Workstation

Standing Workstation

Many Jaswig customers use their StandUp Nomad desks as a standing workstation to complete day-to-day tasks. Our team developed the standing workstation product based on our own experiences with traditional desks. We were tired, sore, and stressed out due to lifestyles that incorporated far too much sitting. With a standing workstation, we were able to combat the afternoon slump and better tap into our own creative processes. Transitioning from sitting to standing at your computer throughout the day can greatly improve your quality of life. Learn more about our story and see how an adjustable standing workstation can transform your career.

Various Options For Your Standing Workstation

Jaswig offers three basic versions of adjustable standing workstations. Our Extra Wide StandUp Nomad offers the largest desktop. This desk is ideal for anyone who wants to transition away from a typical sit down desk in an office environment. The compact StandUp Nomad has a slightly smaller size, but offers greater flexibility. Both are a great size for a notebook, tablet, or even desktop computer. Many of our team members and customers use the traditional StandUp Nomad as a portable workstation. With this adaptable minimalist desk we are able to happily take on work both in the office and on a portable computer at home.

The smaller My First StandUp standing workstation allows children to build positive habits as they complete their homework or engage in creative activities. From coloring to using the computer, the My First StandUp allows younger children to burn energy for increased concentration and improved posture.

Our team of Ph. D. students and professionals prioritizes quality over quantity. Every standing workstation we deliver features sustainably sourced wood and an environmentally friendly footprint. From the moment we receive an order until you receive the product on your doorstep, you can feel confident in the quality and sustainability of our desks. At Jaswig, we are changing the way people think about ergonomic furniture, one standing workstation at a time.

Productivity Tips From Jaswig

One of the many advantages our standing workstations offer is improved productivity. While every individual is different, our ergonomic standing workstations encourage better posture, and improved circulation and mobility. In turn, these health changes often lead to improved concentration levels and productivity. At Jaswig, our goal is not to deliver a piece of furniture, but to provide an improved work experience for each of our customers. Below are some tips for getting the most out of your standing workstations on a daily basis:

  • Build up to longer standing periods. Do not try to spend an entire day standing in front of the computer when you receive your Jaswig standing workstation. Instead, try building up your stamina in 30-minute increments, and spend the rest of the time sitting. Eventually, you will be able to stand while working at your desk for a few hours a day without feeling the same level of fatigue.
  • Prepare your standing workstation for improved productivity. Streamline your individual work flow. Place the tools you need on your standing workstation and nothing more. You might also invest in an anti-fatigue mat. Check your space for adequate lighting and minimal distractions. Place your standing workstation in a quiet place where you can focus on getting work done.
  • Change positions. Whether you are sitting or standing, try to change position at your desk every so often. Each Jaswig standing workstation features a built-in ergonomic footrest. Use the wooden bar to give each of your feet a rest as time passes. Keep your knees slightly bent and move around occasionally to stretch out your muscles. Check your posture each time you move. In the beginning, you might want to set a timer as a reminder to move around at your desk in order to avoid stiffness.
  • Take advantage of your newfound flexibility. Your adjustable Jaswig workstation is designed to go wherever you go. Instead of setting it up as your permanent desk, try to use your new desk in different environments. See where you feel most creative and focused. Every desk user is a unique individual. Find what works for you, and reap the rewards of standing at your desk as opposed to sitting down.

Standing workstations are not a one-size-fits-all solution. Every desk owner must take the time to experiment with different environments, standing positions, and heights. When you find your “sweet spots,” standing while working at your computer will become second nature. To find out more about the unique benefits you will be able to see, read some of the articles on our blog.

Other Reasons To Buy A Standing Workstation

You have probably seen several articles outlining some of the advantages of standing during a workday. However, you may not have considered the other benefits of a standing workstation. When you use this type of standing workstation for your computer work, you may create a level of buzz and interactivity. Your colleagues may consider the wellness and productivity benefits of switching to adjustable standing desks. When you invest in a standing workstation, you may inspire people to engage with you on a different level. Health is more than an individual goal. Today, health can be a community experience, and this kind of positive environment can compliment the development and maintenance of health-conscious habits.

As an adjustable standing workstation owner, you may inspire your network to do more for their health. People might be more apt to get up from their computer and spend a little less time sitting down. Our desks may also serve as a way to connect with prospective customers and clients. When you think about it, the good things that come from working at our standing desks are seemingly endless. We will be happy if you use a Jaswig standing workstation to positively affect your career, your health, and your ability to connect with others around you.

Contact Us To Purchase A Standing Workstation

Many desk pieces can look great with the décor in your home or office, but most do not enhance work flow. A standing workstation from Jaswig offers both beauty and functionality. Use the Jaswig StandUp Nomad to take your work on the go, or to improve your everyday office experience. We are confident that you will enjoy your experience with our adjustable standing workstation. We are happy to answer any questions our customers might have, and feel free to follow Jaswig on Twitter for the latest updates. For more information about the positive impact of a standing workstation, and how you can buy one, please contact our customer service team at (330) 400-3057.