Standing Table

Standing Table

If you are in the market for a standing table, consider the ergonomic designs available from Jaswig. We are committed to delivering a premier standing table product. If you want to improve your posture, address chronic conditions, or tap into your inner creativity, our standing table offers many benefits. We look forward to helping you find a standing table you will love to use for years to come.

A Simple Standing Table Design With Many Benefits

For a long time, the furniture industry was interested in creating complex desk designs for office environments. These desks maximized organizational space, but failed to consider optimal user experience. A standing table removes complex desk space options in favor of a minimalist approach. Every desk from Jaswig is simple, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. You will not be able to buy another product that offers more benefits and a better experience without pretense or unnecessary additions.

At Jaswig, we use high-quality birch wood to make every standing table in our collection. Finished with a kitchen cabinet grade coating, a Jaswig standing table offers beauty and functionality in one simple, convenient package. To adjust the height of your table, simply move the table top peg from the resting position and slide the table up or down. An ideal table top height allows your arms to rest at, or slightly under a 90-degree angle while standing.

When you choose to work at a Jaswig standing table, you are making an investment in your well being. Standing, engaging your muscles, and being able to move freely will strengthen your body and improve your ability to focus on the task at hand. A Jaswig standing table is more than just a piece of furniture— it is an investment in your comfort and happiness.

Where To Use Your Jaswig Standing Table

The people who buy our desks come from all walks of life, but they seem to have one thing in common, they sit too often. Engineers, researchers, marketers, accountants, students, and many others spend a majority of their time in front of a computer screen. Sitting for hours on end at a traditional desk can lead to numbness, pain, and distractions, but a standing table can remedy this issue. As we always say, human beings were not meant to sit all day.

While some individuals manage to take regular breaks, some projects might be time sensitive. A Jaswig standing table allows you to keep working without compromising your health or happiness. The following are some of the ways our customers make the most of their Nomad and My First StandUp standing tables:

  • At the office. Whether you work with a small group of people or in a large corporation, a Jaswig table delivers flexibility and support. You can keep your Extra Wide StandUp Nomad inside your office or take it into a common area. Some of our customers even take their tables outside to enjoy the fresh air. To demonstrate the flexibility of our table designs, we even made a YouTube video in New York City. A Jaswig standing table will allow you to take your work almost anywhere.
  • At home. Inside the house, a Jaswig standing table can help you with daily tasks. Catch up on the morning newspaper, use the computer, pay your bills and more by making use of your standing table. The standing table can serve as a flexible station for anything you might need around the house. As an added bonus, a StandUp Nomad desk easily fits into a closet or the corner of the room in case you do not need it at a certain moment.
  • For homework. Sitting still for hours of schoolwork can drive even the most dedicated students stir crazy. Give your child a way to burn off energy while reading or finishing up schoolwork with a specially designed My First StandUp standing table. This smaller version of the adult StandUp Nomad table provides the same ergonomic design, but for younger children.
  • On jobsites. If you need to travel for work, you will not find a more travel-friendly table than our StandUp Nomad. Use our compact or Extra Wide versions to create your own personal office anywhere you go.

Anytime you find yourself sitting down for several hours, consider the possibilities of working on a standing table. What might you gain? For many, the freedom to move around while reading or completing job tasks is mentally refreshing. For others, a standing table encourages proper posture and muscle engagement. When you experience the difference standing makes, you may never want to return to a basic sit down desk again.

Building Positive Habits With A Standing Table

A standing table will not benefit your health overnight, but it will boost every other healthy activity you adopt throughout the day. Healthy habits have a cumulative effect on the body, as small changes truly make a difference. During the first few days of use, you may feel tired of standing at the table. This is normal. If you are not used to standing, you will naturally feel some fatigue as your body adjusts to the new position. Just like with exercise or smarter eating, if you create a routine of standing, even for just a few minutes, it will not take long for your body to grow stronger.

Soon after your purchase, you may start to wonder how you ever made it through the day at your traditional desk. Standing gives you the freedom to adjust according to your comfort levels, and fight the fatigue that typically comes with sitting in a chair for many hours. We believe that a Jaswig standing table can surely help you reach your physical, mental, and career goals.

Invest In A Standing Table Today

Jaswig is different from an average ergonomic furniture company. We are committed to sustainability, our communities, and a healthy lifestyle. Our goal is to improve your physical condition and change your professional life for the better. If we can provide a tool that improves your job satisfaction, wellness, and productivity, then we have reached success. We have built a brand that aims to deliver a premier standing table experience, and we cannot wait to see what you think of our products. Please check out our frequently asked questions to learn more. For anything else you might want to know about our company, or if you would like to buy one of our products, please contact our team at (330) 400-3057.