Standing Desk

Standing Desk

A standing desk is more than just a propped up table. Desks available from Jaswig provide a sleek and sustainable standing work experience. If you are interested in boosting your focus, energy, productivity, and health while working, consider investing in one of our cost-effective wooden standing desks. When you purchase a child-sized, compact, or Extra Wide standing desk from Jaswig, you will enjoy the peace-of-mind that comes from investing in the right piece of furniture from the start. At Jaswig, our standing desks are changing the way people work, creating a happier and healthier world. Our advice? Try our quality products for 30 days, and you will undoubtedly see the benefits.

Jaswig Desks Vs. Other Standing Worktables

Unlike the Bekant Ikea standing desk, Varidesk, GeekDesk, Readydesk, NextDesk or many of the popular alternatives, the Jaswig line of standing desks was carefully developed based on ergonomic research. Through this research, we pioneered the addition of a non-fatigue footrest, which allows a user to shift standing positions while using the desk, providing increased comfort and ergonomic benefits. When you stand at our adjustable desk, you can choose from nine incremental settings. Each setting raises or lowers the desktop 1.3 inches to give you the best possible standing experience. This is something you won’t find when it comes to other models of adjustable ergonomic workspaces, and we think you will be impressed with the quality and level of customization that our desks provide.

Whether you purchase a child-sized desk or an adult-sized standing desk, you will experience the positive impact of a non-fatigue footrest. This is a major difference compared to what you get from an Ikea standing desk. Moving as you stand will keep your body loose and your muscles engaged, taking full advantage of the benefits of being upright. On the other hand, the Ikea standing desk and many desk alternatives provide only basic standing workspace functionality. These alternative varieties may not deliver the same comfort-driven experience as a Jaswig product. Furthermore, many standing desks are several hundred dollars more expensive than our sustainably sourced wooden desks. When you start work using a Jaswig desk, you will not only appreciate the functionality, but also the passion behind our company philosophy. We are confident you will start to build a love for your adjustable workspace that you never thought you would have. Our desks provide what you might be missing from an Ikea standing desk. If you are interested in an adjustable desk that will stand up to the rigors of your work, look no further than a Jaswig standing desk.

When To Use The Jaswig Standing Desk

Many of our customers often ask us about the best times to use a standing desk. They likely associate the Ikea standing desk or other similar varieties with common workplace activities, such as making phone calls, delivering presentations, and working on reports. At Jaswig, we have designed each of our desks to serve a myriad of functions. Whatever you envision yourself accomplishing using a Jaswig standing desk is no surprise to us. Your imagination is the only limitation. Some examples of ways our customers use our adjustable standing desks include:

  1. To use as a writing space. Most of us spend a significant portion of the day writing, whether it is drafting emails, or creating a press release. This is time most likely spent sitting. Make a healthy lifestyle change by implementing your standing desk into this period of the day. The Extra Wide StandUp Nomad desk provides an ideal writing space, and offers a great location for you to stand and focus on writing, whether in a notebook or on your laptop or desktop computer.
  2. To keep individuals engaged during meetings. Instead of sitting around a conference table, consider bringing the standing desks together in your office to keep everyone energized and productive. Your Jaswig standing desk is lightweight enough to move around as needed. This can lead to a revolution when it comes to your group’s attitude and productivity levels.
  3. To find some fresh perspective. Why stay in the office on a beautiful day when you can take your desk with you to the greenspace just outside? Also, wouldn’t you rather have the option to both stand and sit when you please? With your Jaswig adjustable standing desk, you can do both. You will have the ability to take your work with you to the nearest window, to the common area, or even outdoors. Simply changing the physical place where you are working may improve your mood, and overall job satisfaction.
  4. To work from home. The usefulness of the Jaswig standing desk is not limited to the office. You are able to use our desks for at-home activities, too. If you are paying bills, grading student papers, reading a book, or working on a DIY project, try standing up at your desk to keep up your energy and productivity. The durable finish makes our desk the ideal canvas for all types of projects. Please ask our team members or current customers to learn more about making use of our StandUp Nomad desks on a daily basis.
  5. To instill healthy habits in your children. Our My First StandUp desks give children a great way to burn off energy while they engage in mentally stimulating activities. The adjustable workstation allows them to stand instead of sit, pushing them away from the development of sedentary habits. For homework, art projects, reading, and play, this ergonomic child-sized desk improves upon the one-size-fits-all Ikea standing desk you might be used to.

How you use your Jaswig standing desk is completely up to you and your specific needs. Some of our customers purchase several desks for their office, laboratory, or home environments. The versatile, height adjustable Jaswig standing desk is an ideal addition to any living or workspace, and the possibilities of use are endless. Our desks are such versatile products that you might find yourself utilizing them in ways you would not expect. From work to play and much more in between, a Jaswig product is an investment to improve the quality of both work and home life.

A High-Quality, Sustainably Made Standing Desk

When you purchase a Jaswig standing desk over an Ikea standing desk or another type of adjustable workstation, you can rest assured that your money is spent on a top quality product. Our team of developers takes pride in a unique, sustainable approach to product development, manufacturing, and distribution. All of our standing desks are made from FSC-certified 18 mm. multiplex birch wood. The protective coating is a kitchen cabinet–grade finish that provides additional durability. You won’t find this from an Ikea standing desk, Varidesk, or most of the other competing standing workspace options.

The natural wood grain shines through on every piece, providing a modern and classic desk that will look great in any home or business environment. In addition to a careful supply chain, we try to minimize our distribution footprint to keep our investments and profits within local communities. Today, we ship our adjustable standing desks to any place within the US, EU, and Canada. When you purchase one of our standing desks, you can feel good about the investment, and will continue to feel good well into the future. Our adjustable desks are an improvement over existing desks, like the Ikea Bekant, and we are proud to be the creators of the best standing desks in the industry. Whether you want to stand or sit during the workday, or some combination of the two, a Jaswig desk is easily adjustable to your needs or desires.

Discover Your Best Health With Jaswig Today

According to information from the Mayo Clinic, prolonged periods of sitting increase a person’s risk for chronic health conditions such as diabetes and heart disease, as well as the risk of premature death. Standing up at your desk is proven to be better for your health, and may help stop or reverse certain risk factors associated with a sedentary lifestyle.

We are excited to show you the difference our materials, supply chain, and approach to business make in terms of your satisfaction. If you have any specific questions about finding an alternative to the Ikea standing desk, we are here to help you make an informed decision. After all, a great adjustable desk should serve you for many years to come.

Choose Jaswig, and you will receive more than just a simple piece of furniture. A standing desk from Jaswig will provide a better quality of life for you and/or your loved ones. In the near future, you will be sure to hear the buzz about our desks and how they are bettering lives across the world. Whether you have seen our blog, our products in a news article or review, or if you know someone who owns a Jaswig standing desk him/herself, you can attest to the unique difference that we make. Our dream of starting Jaswig began from a simple idea on and is now a reality. If you are thinking about buying one of our premier adjustable standing desks, or if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our team today at (330) 400-3057.