Standing Computer Desk

Standing Computer Desk

Have you ever considered investing in a standing computer desk? Jaswig is a manufacturer of adjustable height standing computer desks that allow users to change their work environment at will. A standing computer desk will allow you to create a workstation adjusted to your specific height and preferences. Our company is committed to sustainability and quality, and we know you will appreciate the functionality and benefits a standing computer desk can bring to the office. Learn more about our company and see why being able to stand at a Jaswig standing computer desk can be a fast way to improve your physical and mental health.

Who Needs A Jaswig Standing Computer Desk?

At Jaswig, we are not interested in serving a niche with our desks. Our functional furniture is ideal for anyone who wants to avoid having to sit at a desk for long periods of time within his or her workspace. The StandUp Nomad series and My First StandUp desks are ideal for professionals, students, adults, and children who are in need of a more health-conscious environment in which to work or play. Below are just a few of the types of people who benefit from an investment in a standing computer desk:

  • Professionals. People who work as they sit at a desk for hours may face an increased risk of chronic diseases and premature death. Increased physical activity can reduce the risk of negative health outcomes, and a standing computer desk can help. Check emails on your laptop, call clients, or brainstorm ideas while at a comfortable and ergonomic standing computer desk that does not force you to sit.
  • Students. Those who spend hours at their desks studying often need a way to engage their muscles, improve concentration, and manage fatigue. Standing up at their desks might be just the thing. A standing desk provides the ideal environment for studying, writing, and completing homework assignments. Students of all ages will see benefits when they choose to work on their projects at an adjustable standing desk.
  • Hobbyists. Do you find yourself sitting at a table putting together models, crafting, or doing something else of the sort? Sitting down at desks for long periods of time enjoying these activities is not necessarily healthy. Using an adjustable standing computer desk to enjoy hobbies even more is a fast and effective way to improve your concentration and comfort levels.

The team at Jaswig has created a versatile set of adjustable desks designed for many diverse activities. Use your standing computer desk to complete job tasks, and when you stand up instead of sit down; you will improve your body’s circulation. The possibilities of being able to stand at our great minimalist desks are endless.

What Makes Jaswig’s Standing Computer Desk Different?

Adjustable standing desks are trending in the office space today. Many big-box stores, furniture suppliers, and office supply stores carry some version of a standing computer desk. However, these desks are basic pieces of furniture that do not have the specific ergonomic design that Jaswig desks do. Most other desks are not designed for individual users. However, a Jaswig standing computer desk is highly customizable, and our desks are made from sustainable resources. These factors set our adjustable standing desks apart from competing products. View our product selection in the Jaswig shop .

Each adjustable Jaswig desk is built from high quality birch. We spend time working on the ergonomic design of our desks to ensure every user experiences the same level of comfort and flexibility while they stand. We have not only built a great piece of office furniture, but we have also built a solution that allows you to stand instead of sit at your computer or in the office.

When you purchase an adjustable standing desk from Jaswig, you can feel confident in your investment. Our team has made a conscious choice to forego mass production. Rather, we team with local manufacturers and choose environmentally sustainable distribution routes. When you place an order for any Jaswig product, you can rest assured that your money is supporting the local economy. Discover more about what else makes Jaswig stand up desks great for the home and workspace by following us on Twitter or by viewing our Instagram page.

Get More Out Of Your Standing Computer Desk

A standing computer desk is a valuable tool in both the home and office workspace. You can stand while you maximize comfort and happiness in the office, engaging your muscles with our StandUp Nomad desks. Below are some of our best tips for achieving great results using a standing desk:

  • Change positions frequently. Move around while you are standing at your desks to keep your muscles and joints from getting stiff or sore. Each Jaswig standing desk features an ergonomic footrest. In addition to the built in foot prop, an anti-fatigue mat can also keep your feet from tiring out as you stand at our desks. Always wear comfortable shoes while you stand at our desks to get the most out of your working experience.
  • Do not lock your knees. Many of us develop a bad habit of locking our knees while standing. Doing so may affect circulation flowing to the brain and increase the risk of fainting. Instead, try to keep your knees bent gently as you stand at your desks.
  • Do not force the experience. We strongly advise users of our desks to build up to long-term standing sessions. When you begin using our desks, consider setting a timer for 30 minutes or one hour to stand. After that time, go back to sitting for a short while. Stand for longer periods of time each day to build up your strength and gain maximum benefit from your standing desk experience.

A standing computer desk can energize you and greatly improve your daily living experience. Being able to stand and move your body on a regular basis can be a benefit to your health, especially during prolonged and usually sedentary activities. You will come to appreciate being able to remain standing while you use the computer, read, or play. By utilizing Jaswig standing desks, you can experience the benefits of the ability to stand upright at your desktop or laptop computer. Whether you are reading, writing, answering emails, or browsing an online shop, our adjustable desks provide an easy and healthy solution for otherwise sedentary tasks. This gives you the power to complete job tasks without feeling the negative effects that come from being unable to stand, and forced to sit down for an extended period of time.

Choose Jaswig To Buy An Adjustable Standing Computer Desk

Traditional sit down computer desks are starting to become outdated, and features such as being able to stand at a desk are becoming more popular. If you are interested in improving your well being, concentration and productivity levels while working, consider investing in an adjustable standing computer desk for your laptop or desktop machine. You have the power to accomplish the same activities while sitting when standing, and as you now know, standing an increased amount at your desks, day to day, can improve your physical health.

Jaswig is committed to answering your questions and showing you why more and more people are turning to our standing computer desks. Our team aims to help you utilize our desk features, so you can decrease the risk of negative side effects developed from a sedentary lifestyle. When you are convinced and ready to buy a standing computer desk, please feel free to shop Jaswig online or contact our team at (330) 400-3057.