Height Adjustable Desk

Height Adjustable Desk

If you are experiencing fatigue, soreness, back ache, or other symptoms from sitting at a desk or table for a prolonged period of time, consider investing in a Jaswig height adjustable desk. At Jaswig , we specialize in making high-quality adjustable standing desks that have the power to reduce feelings of pain and soreness. We design our height adjustable desks based on personal experience, the science of ergonomics, and our honest love for sustainable business.

An Assortment Of High-Quality Adjustable Desks

The team at Jaswig believes in the power of making health-conscious decisions everyday, and this rings true in our adjustable height desks. Not everyone can stand up from their computer desk and walk around at regular intervals. However, with a strategically designed height adjustable desk, you will be able to sit or stand at your desk whenever you choose, and still maintain high levels of productivity. From making use of ergonomic adjustable desks, you will also experience the valuable health benefits associated with a more active lifestyle. You will experience the power of standing at an adjustable desk as opposed to sitting.

Currently, we offer three different models of adjustable desks:

  1. StandUp Nomad, Extra Wide. As the largest height adjustable desks we offer, the Extra Wide StandUp Nomad features a top size of 21.5 x 31.5 inches. This desk is ideal for setting up a desktop computer with a riser and monitor or a laptop setup with an additional keyboard and mouse. For an individual who enjoys having space for paperwork, movement, and other activities, these desks offer everything you need from a traditional sit down desk in a standing height adjustable desk format.
  2. StandUp Nomad. Our compact standing desks are ideal for taking your work on the go. At home and in the workplace, the StandUp Nomad delivers an adjustable desk experience while taking up minimal space. Check email on your laptop, read a book, or catch up on the latest news with these versatile adjustable standing desks. Measuring slightly smaller than the Extra Wide models, this adjustable desk design features a table top surface of 20 x 25.5 inches.
  3. My First StandUp. Unlike many of our competitors, Jaswig gives consumers the ability to buy a youth-sized ergonomic adjustable desk. We are not just for the office! This smaller version of the Nomad series adjusts to heights between 27 and 35 inches. These desks allow children to burn energy standing as they complete homework, use a computer, or engage in other recreational activities.

Each Jaswig desk features a simple mechanism for adjusting the height of the tabletop. Simply pull the legs of the desktop out of their grooves and raise or lower the desks height as needed. A minimalist footrest allows users to adjust their positions when standing at the desks for improved flexibility and minimal fatigue. Our solid wood desks fit well into any office or residential setting and are equipped with a kitchen cabinet grade coating for improved durability. Jaswig adjustable desks are extremely high quality products, and you will experience the difference whenever you put one of the ergonomic desks to work in your office.

Benefits Of Using Adjustable Standing Desks

Shockingly, the average office worker sits for about 10 hours each day. Now, the merits of adjustable height desks might be more apparent to you. Of course, an adjustable desk is not a miracle cure for a sedentary lifestyle, but it can reduce the health risks associated with a person who is likely to sit for a prolonged period of time. When you sit for more time than necessary at a desk that is not adjustable, your spine can sink into a slouched position, and body-wide circulation will be compromised.

Sedentary lifestyles are associated with an increased risk of cancer, chronic diseases, and premature mortality. Exercise and nutrition can reduce risk, but many need even more of a change, such as being able to stand at an ergonomic adjustable desk, to best protect their health. When combined with other health-conscious practices, a height adjustable desk can improve circulation, promote better posture while standing, and keep muscles and joints engaged. Our desks have more benefits than you might think.

Over time, the user of an adjustable desk will notice distinct benefits, including:

  1. Improved concentration. Standing at adjustable desks can improve energy levels, combat the afternoon slump, and keep individuals focused on the task at hand.
  2. Improved health. Moving around and standing at an adjustable height desk can keep your blood flowing and improve muscle activity. Over time, you may notice that you stand a little taller and your core is a little tighter. Users can consciously engage their muscles while they stand to enhance the benefits of a height adjustable desk.
  3. Improved productivity. As you grow accustomed to standing for phone calls, email management, and other activities, you may start to notice the ability to work faster, smarter, and more comfortably. Ergonomic adjustable height desks that allow you to stand may improve your overall satisfaction with office work that is otherwise sedentary.

Naturally, individual results of using a height adjustable desk will vary, but activities that encourage muscle engagement, like standing, will certainly improve health. Jaswig adjustable height desks are extremely versatile pieces of furniture, and they can serve several purposes in the home or office setting. When you use our height adjustable desks you will see improvement in terms of health and convenience each day, and we know you will feel great about your workspace.

Best Practices For Using Your Jaswig Ergonomic Adjustable Desks

Knowing how to use your Jaswig height adjustable desk is very important in order to see optimal results. The ergonomic design of our products, once adjusted, leads to a high quality personal experience when standing for daily activities. Take advantage of these tips to get the most out of our products:

  1. Adjust the desk height accordingly. Follow the instructions in your manual for setting your adjustable desk to the appropriate height to stand or sit. These recommendations will help you get the best possible results while you stand at your desks.
  2. Start slow. Like any new activity, avoid trying to constantly stand after you assemble your adjustable desk. At first, try to stand for 30-minute increments, and sit for the rest of the time. Increase the amount of time you stand, and decrease time you sit as your body adjusts to the new position. You have been used to sitting at desks, so take your time when transitioning.
  3. Use the footrest and invest in an anti-fatigue mat. Change positions frequently to keep your knees from locking and your feet from growing uncomfortable. A foam mat can also increase comfort when standing at desks during the day. Remember to always wear comfortable shoes when you plan to stand at your adjustable desk for long periods of time.

Order Your First Jaswig Height Adjustable Desk Today!

At Jaswig, a major part of our goal with adjustable height desks is to improve the way people think and feel on a daily basis. If you are tired of feeling sore and fatigued as you sit at desks for long periods on the job, consider transitioning to an ergonomic height adjustable desk, which will offer you the freedom to stand. You will be sure to enjoy your desks and the flexibility and benefits of beginning a more active lifestyle. View our Facebook page, or find us on Instagram if you would like to learn even more about Jaswig. If you have any lingering questions about our desks, please feel free to browse our frequently asked questions. Finally, to buy your first (or another!) adjustable desk, please contact us online or by phone at (330) 400-3057.