Ergonomic Desk

Ergonomic Desk

Today, many employers and professionals are investing in an ergonomic desk, or something similar, to boost health and performance. Jaswig has developed an ergonomic standing desk collection designed to maximize productivity and minimize the health risks associated with a sedentary office lifestyle. With sustainable business practices and a top quality product, Jaswig looks forward to transforming how you view your daily work life.

The Science Behind An Ergonomic Standing Desk

Ergonomics is the study of how people work within their environments. A popular idea is that people can reduce the risk of injury and improve productivity levels when they use safer working practices. For those who sit at a desk on a regular basis, taking account of ergonomics might be changing the type of chair, type of desk, or behaviors demonstrated during a workday. Switching to adjustable, ergonomic standing desks can reduce many health risks associated with office work.

At Jaswig, we have developed an ergonomic desk collection to adjust to a user's individual needs. Whether you are short, tall, or medium height, you can adjust your Extra Wide or compact StandUp Nomad desks to fit your particular body size. Also, a strategically placed footrest on the ergonomic standing desk allows individuals to change positions as needed. Part of our mission is to provide our customers with desks that will benefit their health and happiness.

If you find yourself sitting in the same chair day after day, an ergonomic desk may provide the answer you have been looking for. When you invest in an ergonomic standing desk, the negative symptoms of a sedentary lifestyle can be reduced, including fatigue, soreness, stiffness, and much more. For even more updates on the benefits of adjustable standing desks, feel free to view the Jaswig Facebook page.

Adjustable, Ergonomic Desks For Employers

Employers and employees both play an important role in creating a health-conscious work environment. Using an ergonomic standing desk, office workers can implement best practices when they sit at their desk or stand for long periods of time. Employers can invest in products that improve employee comfort levels, and encourage them to stand instead of sit. For example, an adjustable ergonomic desk can be a major step toward reducing your amount of sitting in your working space, and the risks of chronic illness and daily fatigue.

If you are an employer looking for ergonomic desks, consider these benefits of an ergonomic standing office workstation:

  • Improved flexibility. An ergonomic desk such as the Jaswig StandUp Nomad allows employees to make their work environments portable. From the office or cubicle to a flex meeting space, an ergonomic standing desk allows employees to take their adjustable desks and laptop wherever they feel most comfortable and productive.
  • Reduced injury and illness. When employees call out sick or file for worker’s compensation due to workplace conditions, employees and employers both lose out. Employers who invest in their employees’ health, safety, and wellness into the future can reduce downtime and also cut costs with our ergonomic desks. An adjustable, ergonomic standing desk will help employees feel good, and perform better on a daily basis.
  • Improved creativity. Often times, change encourages creativity. An ergonomic desk may give employees the opportunity to pursue innovative ideas. Whether you are investing in an ergonomic environment for your marketing team or your support staff, these types of changes, even in something as simple as desks, often lead to productive outcomes.

Consider placing an order for your desk as an investment. A set of ergonomic desks in your office can increase productivity and lead to a great return on investment. If you are interested in how to overhaul your work environment for less, ergonomic standing desks may provide the best solution.

Features Of The Jaswig StandUp Nomad Desk

The ergonomic desk and work environment is an idea that is currently trending. Many office suppliers provide adjustable desks that they claim will improve employee productivity and reduce overhead costs. At Jaswig, we recognize the needs of different individuals in terms of ergonomics. Our adjustable StandUp Nomad ergonomic desks are designed to match these specific requirements. Each user can set his or her desktop at the appropriate level for maximum comfort while they stand or sit in the office. Made from high-quality birch wood and produced sustainably, every individual or company can feel confident when choosing an adjustable ergonomic workstation from Jaswig.

We are currently suppliers of three timeless adjustable desk styles, designed with ergonomics in mind:

  • Extra Wide StandUp Nomad. This desk provides a slightly larger desktop environment for those who plan to rely heavily on their ergonomic desks. Only $50 more than our compact workstations, this adjustable desk is perfect for any work environment and can accommodate desktop computer and laptop work, artistic design, and a wide range of other activities.
  • StandUp Nomad. Our classic adjustable design is excellent for anyone interested in being able to stand at a portable work environment. Everyone wants flexibility in the workplace, and this is exactly what the StandUp Nomad desks provide. Use these desks in the office environment, or anywhere else with the use of a laptop computer. The investment is beneficial in terms of ergonomics and space, and these desks provide a good solution for a stagnant workplace. These adjustable desks give workers the option to both stand and sit at their leisure and comfort.
  • My First StandUp. This is the child-sized version of the larger Nomad adjustable desks. These adjustable desks allow children to stand instead of sit while working, helping them develop positive habits while completing their homework, using the computer, or engaging in creative endeavors.

Each desk features the same solid wood construction and kitchen cabinet grade finish for durability. With an easy-to-assemble construction process and a spacious and functional adjustable desktop, you will love the universal appeal of our high quality product. Every ergonomic standing desk Jaswig offers comes with a footrest. We encourage all of the people who stand at our workstations to step one foot on the footrest and change positions while using the adjustable StandUp Nomad or the My First StandUp desks. These adjustable desks provide a great solution to the fatigue that can sometimes set in if you are not used to standing for prolonged periods. It is hard to argue with ergonomics!

Get Started And Buy The Best Adjustable Ergonomic Desk Today

Choosing to buy an ergonomic desk is not a cure all, but it can effectively compliment healthy lifestyle practices. Every time you stand at an ergonomic desk, you are improving circulation and combating muscle stiffness. You will quickly see how much better periodic standing at our adjustable desks is than sitting hunched over your computer at traditional workstations.

Jaswig looks forward to helping both employers and employees find ergonomic desks, and effective, healthy solutions for a workplace environment. Allow us to provide you with the right desk for your computer and office layout. At Jaswig, our entire team uses StandUp Nomad desks on a regular basis. We are experiencing the benefits of our ergonomic desks, and we want you to benefit from our solution as well! If you want to learn more about our adjustable desks and what we are doing to improve the health and happiness of people all over, please read our blog.

We look forward to hearing how an adjustable and ergonomic workstation changes your life. We started our business with a campaign on along with some hard work and passion. We truly enjoy what we do, and we think that our effort in being suppliers of great adjustable ergonomic desks is a noble one. Find out more about our brand through this Youtube video . Call (330) 400-3057 to speak with some of our friendly team members, or get in touch with us online when you are ready to learn more about our workstations and how you can buy an adjustable ergonomic desk today!