Some tips on how NOT to use your desk. The desk is meant to keep you healthy not to harm you :)!

1. Stand for 2h plus without interruption

At Jaswig we believe in a healthy -thus well-balanced- lifestyle. Doing something (whatever it is) for too long at a time is always bad. Even standing :).

We also recommend to slowly ramp up your hours worked while standing. ALWAYS LISTEN TO YOUR BODY, this is the best advice we can give!

2. Wear high heals

Standing while wearing high heals is not the best thing to do. So, if you are standing behind your desk please take of your heals and give your feet some rest.


3. Stand straight without switching positions

Standing without changing your posture is bad. Use the footrest of your desk or if you don’t have a footrest put your leg on your chair and stretch a little while standing. This increases your activity and lets you change positions, which is key!

We always have the tendency to fix our position in our joints. It is always better to use your muscles in every possible situation (burns more calories and strengthens your muscles). Check out the small movie to see what I mean. It’s not very easy to see but try to mimic my posture and you will feel what I mean.


4. Use it at the same height as your colleagues

Everyone has different lengths. Please adjust the height of your desk to your own personal height this makes a big difference in usage and is the base for a good posture.