According to NPR , “in the US, fewer than one in five disabled adults are employed.” Also Huffington Post is talking about that in their recent article. In our opinion that’s a shame. At Jaswig we work and volunteer with people who have disabilities and they are awesome!

Here are two of many examples in the world on how to excel together.

Our flat-packed jigsaw puzzled desk comes with a hardware bag to fit the pieces together. Those bags are packed by a group of great people who stuff it with respect and gratitude. Our colleagues all have some kind of disability that makes them unique. In order to make this happen we work with local initiatives like UDS in Akron and a “Beschutte werkplaats ” in Belgium. Those organizations assist disabled people with getting a job and learning new things. They make sure the disabled people can work in a good and supportive environment for their capabilities and special needs.


Since we really enjoyed volunteering at Globo , we decided to organize another day. In Gent, Belgium we have a beautiful nature preserve called the Bourgoyen . It is managed by Natuurpunt , a local non-profit that is funded by nature enthusiasts and works together with the city of Gent to keep the preserve clean. Henri and Mathias assisted a group of disabled people with cleaning pollard willows, filling the compost, and utilizing mulch in flowerbeds and hiking trails.

It’s finally the time of the year: Here are some tips on how and when to prune willows. And this link gives a great overview on how to compost!

Mathias and Henri are volunteering

In the afternoon a young woman running came over to thank the group for the great work keeping the trails maintained. One guy from our group ran over to the flowerbed and picked a Daffodil for her. Talking about how easy it is to make people happy.

It’s amazing and motivating to see how small efforts can have big impacts on people’s lives. And how enjoyable life becomes when you add purpose to your actions. One option is embrace disabled people and support great initiatives working with them. They exist all over the world. Find your local heroes and support them today.