Adjustable Height Desk

Adjustable Height Desk

If you are feeling bored or uncomfortable with your traditional office desk setup, consider investing in an adjustable height desk from Jaswig. We specialize in adjustable desks designed to provide office workers, students, and at-home workers a way to stand throughout the day increasing overall health and productivity. All of our standing desks are cost-effective and sustainably produced. A desk from Jaswig is a top quality product, manufactured with the environment in mind. When you are ready to make a change to your workstation, please let us know. We will match you with the perfect standing desk to suit your specific work environment.

Improve Your Work Routine With An Adjustable Height Desk

The majority of modern offices still rely on traditional sit down desks. Often, people walk into their office or cubicle in the morning and sit at their desk to check emails and get started with the day, without standing back up again for several hours. They might not stand from their desks for a very long period of time. This approach to the workday can lead to serious health repercussions. A sedentary lifestyle caused by spending too much time at a desk can be linked with chronic illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease, cancer, and many other health problems. Standing desks give you freedom to stand and work when desired, which can help to alleviate this problem.

An adjustable height desk will not automatically remove the risk for chronic illness, but it is certainly a tool that will help to improve your health. Standing intermittently throughout the day improves circulation and concentration levels, as well as productivity. When you stand at your desk, your muscles are engaged, naturally increasing metabolism. The small change to standing at a height adjustable desk can help you to overcome the consequences of sitting at a traditional desk for hours upon hours.

The Best Adjustable Height Desk On The Market

The structure and build of an adjustable height desk is just as important as the build of your office chair or ergonomic desk. The right standing desk will accommodate a comfortable standing height, provide room for movement, and deliver an all-around pleasant experience. The Jaswig StandUp Nomad and My First StandUp desks can provide all of the above and more.

Our company was founded from the desire of like-minded individuals to find a solution to a common problem. We believe no one should arrive home after a long day at their desk feeling sore and stiff from inactivity. As a group of professionals including Ph. D. students, an economist, a sociologist, and engineers, we recognized the need to feel better physically during days of focused work at desks. Our solution to the problem of inactivity is an adjustable standing desk that promotes physical and mental engagement throughout the workday, and we believe that it works wonders.

At Jaswig, we offer three basic types of standing desks. Our compact StandUp Nomad desks are designed for portability and flexibility. Extra Wide StandUp Nomad desks are ideal for individuals who want a bit more desktop space. And the My First StandUp adjustable height desks are designed with active children in mind, helping build healthy habits starting in childhood.

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The Jaswig Difference In An Adjustable Height Desk

An adjustable height desk from Jaswig is made from high-quality birch wood. Currently we ship desks within the US, Canada, and Europe. As we expand our operations and production facilities into new areas, the market for our desks will also expand. Our goal is to deliver premier standing desks without sacrificing our commitment to sustainability.

We developed our manufacturing and distribution process carefully to minimize our ecological footprint. Staying local allows us to support our communities with our standing desks, instead of relying on foreign labor. When you purchase a Jaswig adjustable height desk, you can feel confident in every aspect of the purchase. We look forward to setting an example for sustainability and ergonomic desks within the industry.

How To Take Advantage Of Your Adjustable Height Desk

Each of our Nomad and My First StandUp desks come flat packed to ensure you a cost-effective purchasing experience. Follow the easy-to-read manual for directions, and your adjustable height desk will stand at the ready in a matter of minutes.

In use, position the desk so that your elbows rest at about a 90-degree angle when standing at the table top. You may go slightly higher or lower with your desk depending on your individual comfort levels. Strive to position the desk while you stand straight and relaxed, and not slouched or overextended.

The bottom of a Jaswig desk features an ergonomic footrest. We encourage all customers to shift positions frequently while standing up at their desks. Use the footrest and consider purchasing an anti-fatigue mat to increase your overall comfort level. Additionally, wearing comfortable shoes will help you maximize the benefits and experience of using a Jaswig adjustable height desk as you stand.

When you start using the desk, begin with small intervals. At first, stand up for short periods of time and sit for the rest when using your standing desk. As you strengthen the muscles needed to stand, and learn to keep your knees unlocked, you will start to notice the unique benefits offered by standing desks. You will stand taller, experience muscle tightening, and gain stamina. Over time, you will come to prefer using standing desks to simply sitting down.

Contact Us Today To Learn More About An Adjustable Height Desk

At Jaswig, we look forward to helping our customers learn more about the benefits of utilizing standing desks. All of our founders regularly stand at their adjustable height desks, and we are constantly reaping the benefits. Give the standing desk lifestyle a try; you will not want to go back to your typical desk routine! If you have questions, please take a look at our FAQs. For more information about your ideal adjustable height desk, feel free to call (330) 400-3057 or contact us online.