How Jaswig was born

Life is wonderful and full of beautiful things. Life is best experienced in good health. As a group of friends we love to enjoy the qualities of life. We enjoy being active and being surrounded by wild nature. This taught us to live responsibly and protect our environment we are so dependent on. We are a group of active PhD students, engineers, an economist and a sociologist and didn’t feel good sitting in front of a screen every day. We developed the personal need for a more flexible workspace. This led us to develop our own desk, that would make people feel better. A desk that is adjustable in height and allows you to move while working. A desk made out of highly sustainable materials to conserve the beauty of our environment.

Pure need

Our reason for being is believing we can be healthier and more productive. We can feel better and enjoy life to the fullest if we also enjoy the time we work. We believe we can change the way we produce and consume daily products.

Our team

We are a group of friends that has formed over the past 12 years. We are travel-addicted creatives with unstoppable ideas and dreams about business opportunities that could improve our lives. We have been involved in a variety of amazing projects but until Jaswig we didn’t join forces completely. This time our motivation, inspiration and timing collided to create jaswig.







Our values



Great design is delivering something where there is nothing left to take away, no unnecessary distractions. Simplicity is a lifestyle. For jaswig, it means robust products, a lean supply chain, and a true story.



Our lives are affected by the people around us and the place we live in. At Jaswig we take care of our friends and neighbours to create a better world. Collaborating to make better and stronger outcomes. We are always looking for more friends and relationships to create a better world. Become part of our Jaswig community and reach out to standup@jaswig.com.



All decisions and actions at Jaswig are made consciously. We take time to understand the impact of our choices, on the people and the planet. How can we build a sustainable business with a decentralised, transparent organisation and creative culture? Which materials are least environmentally polluting? What are the most efficient production processes available? Which partners have a human-centred policy? How can we make production more efficient to make our furniture more affordable? We ask questions constantly and learn daily so we can keep improving our positive impact!

Our philosophy reflects in every aspect of our company, resulting in a durable, human-centered and environmentally-conscious business, products, and relationships.